Congratulations to Elis and Isy!! =)

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Josh - Pilot (BBC Three Comedy Feed)


Comedy Feeds 2014

Josh: Sitcom based on the stand up of Josh Widdicombe.

Fried: A new manager tries to motivate the staff of a fried chicken shop.

Parents Evening: Multi-character comedy set over the course of a school parents’ evening.

Flat TV: Two guys share a flat where real life gets confused with a fantasy TV world.

Vodka Diaries: Four girls share a flat and get up to no good.

In Deep: Two police officers plunge out of their depth when an undercover operation goes wrong.

Rude Boys: The antics of a group of friends in East London.

Other World: Surreal sketch show set in an alternative universe populated by puppets.

Access All Areas: YouTube star Jenny Bede plays a range of characters in a razor-sharp parody of music TV.


Josh will be available on the iPlayer on Sunday.

Sometimes life just isn’t fair. For Josh, sometimes feels like always. Dumped by his fiancée, Josh is forced to return to his old flat-share with Owen, the most romantic and lyrical Welshman since records began (and that includes Tom Jones) and Kate, who spends her life pursuing every trend from A to Zumba. All Josh wants is a night in with his flatmates to get over his heartbreak, but Owen is too busy pursuing a love interest he met in the greengrocers, whilst Kate is consumed with trying to reinvent her Spotify profile in order to impress a guy. Subsequently, Josh ends up spending his time with Geoff, a shoo-in for this year’s Most Irritating Landlord Award, and a local barmaid who’s convinced Josh is “on the spectrum”…the Local Weirdo/Serial Killer spectrum.

Congratulations to Here Be Dragons for winning Bronze at the Radio Academy Awards tonight!! (x)

The second in a series of videos by comedians Chris Corcoran and Elis James. This video sees Elis trying to persuade a less than enthusiastic Chris to join him on a trip to Kidwelly castle. Will the promise of following in the footsteps of Wales’s very own warrior princess be enough to persuade Chris to put down the TV remote?


The first in a four part series, comedians Chris Corcoran and Elis James pay a visit to Caerphilly Castle in an attempt to learn more about Welsh history. Make sure you follow the comedy duo’s adventure across Wales, which sees ex-history teacher, Chris, being persuaded by Elis to stop playing on his PlayStation or watching Jeremy Kyle, and go with him to Wales’s iconic sites.